Is Your Population Demoralized? Watch "Space A-hole"

Because antisocial behavior becomes so much more romantic when someone writes a folk song about it - here is "Space Asshole," whose creators say was written and sung after most of the accompanying video from Red Faction: Guerrilla was shot.


That's because "this game is so wonderfully conducive to space assholism that there was little need to consciously sync it up." Obviously, the title of the song is part of its refrain, making this NSFW.

Yes, assholism. It's just as much a disease as cancer or emphysema. I too am an assholic; I go to ass-anon every Tuesday down at the Baptist church fellowship hall. You have any idea how hard it is waking up in the morning and your first thought is always "God, I hope it's past 1 pm because I need to go to the convenience store and be an asshole to someone"? How much further can I continue this metaphor? Anyway, just watch.

Space Asshole: The Video (Game) [Idle Thumbs]


Amusing idea, not enough wanton destruction. It looks like he kept getting stuck on shit instead of demolishing it entirely. :[