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Is 'WiiRelax' the Vitality Sensor's Debut Title?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In April, an Italian company announced "Wii Relax." Siliconera notes that, not only is that company's product site gone, Nintendo has now trademarked "WiiRelax" in Europe. Maybe they muscled in on the name after seeing I had shrewdly registered "WiiSittingOnOne'sAss."

The trademark filing Siliconera found is good in PAL territories. Naturally, one immediately thinks of the pulse-detecting Wii Vitality Sensor that debuted to thunderous lolwuts at E3. I don't know of any other device, existing or planned, that could measure one's relaxation. And while I'm seriously interested in what kind of chill-out game Nintendo thinks it might make with this, that does not mean I want to play it.


Wii Relax - note the space between the words - had been a project of Italian developer Pub Company and was thought to be an April Fool's joke at one point. The site for this thing is blank, indicating Nintendo may have bought or C&D'd it to oblivion. Curious.


BTW, WiiSittingOnOne'sAss is in development with a listed delivery date of "whenever" and comes with a La-Z-Boy attachment for the Wiimote. The Nunchuk is a plate of nachos. I've also registered WiiSittingOnOne'sArse in PAL territories.

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