Remember Vanilla Chamu? The Japanese media dubbed her a "Plastic Surgery Cyborg." Fittingly, she's now doing commercials for a chain of plastic surgery clinics. The ads are set in, well, a church.

The commercial is for Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery, which has locations across Japan. As the clinic notes on its making of page, the ad was filmed at a chapel called Celes Takadanobaba.

In Japan, lots of people get married in chapels by faux priests, because they like the way churches look and not for religious reasons. Celes Takadanobaba is one of those places, which is fine, I reckon. People can do—and believe—what they want.

The ad shows Vanilla kneel before an altar and start praying, while a track of her singing "Amazing Grace" plays in the background. She then says, "You can't change the past, but you can change the future." Maybe she's praying for more plastic surgery?


過去は変えられない、未来は変えられる。 [TKC110]

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