Kayo Satoh is not only a very talent fighting game player, she’s also a model. Kayo, who fights under the moniker “KayoPolice”, recently appeared at the Evo 2011 fighting championship.

Lots of models say they like video games, and some are pretty good. But Kayo isn’t just a good player, she’s great, taking down the likes of Daigo Umehara.


In the gaming world, Daigo Umehara might be famous. But to the general Japanese public, he’s largely unknown.

Kayo Satoh, however, is famous—mainstream famous, appearing on some of the biggest primetime variety shows and releasing a photobook.


(Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku)

And while most people in Japan are aware that she is transgender, they might not know she’s a competitive gamer.


Satoh even endorses this diet supplement to help with bowel movements. It’s aimed at young Japanese women who want to eat a lot and then, ahem, a lot.


A top fight Street Fighter player endorsing laxative? That must be a competitive gaming first.

NEW: Editor’s Note - June 3, 2019: We have updated some of the language in this article, as it does not reflect our standards about how to write about transgender people on Kotaku. We apologize to readers then and now for letting them down. - Stephen Totilo, Editor-in-Chief


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