Besides being a model and a TV personality, Kayo Satoh is one of Japan’s top Street Fighter players, more than holding her own against the likes of legendary player Daigo Umehara.

According to Satoh, she hasn’t had any plastic surgery to her face, but she does take hormones.

Last year, Satoh revealed that she was designated male at birth—something she had previously hid. This past spring, she released a semi-nude photobook and is now open about her background, showing off this childhood photo on a Japanese variety program. Cute kid!


NEW: Editor’s Note - June 3, 2019: We have updated some of the language in this article, as it does not reflect our standards about how to write about transgender people on Kotaku. We apologize to readers then and now for letting them down. - Stephen Totilo, Editor-in-Chief


「佐藤かよ」がまだ男だった頃の写真 [あごひげ海賊団]

(Top photo: さんま&くりぃむの芸能界(秘)個人情報グランプリ | フジテレビ)