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Unfortunately, it very well may be. This Rorschach inkblot-esque image was recently uploaded by what appears to be the official Dead Space Twitter account, a not-so-subtle collage of Necromorph silhouettes and Unitology alphabet scratches.


At first glance, Dead Space fans may recognize a leaper, lurker and slasher, then see that all-important Marker begin to appear. That's probably Dead Space 2 related, then, as the game's due to make at least one print appearance this month. And an appearance at next week's Spike TV VGA Awards sure seems likely.


So, strap yourself in, kids and prepare for many, many months of grueling Dead Space 2 marketing doled out in tiny, barely life-sustaining crumbs. As much as I'm looking forward to a proper Dead Space sequel, I'm hungry for screen shots, videos and a disc in my hand as soon as is humanly possible!

And would someone kindly translate the Unitology stuff, please? I got as far as "the" and threw in the towel.

Dead Space 2 [Twitpic via Cinemablend - thanks, Don!]

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