Dead Space 2 Revealed In Next Official PlayStation Magazine?

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The official announcement of a proper sequel to Electronic Arts' spacey survival horror hit Dead Space feels like old news at this point. But the next issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK is teasing its imminent reveal.


Subscribers who already have the mag have noticed that the game teased in the next issue of OPM UK bears a striking resemblance to some old Dead Space concept art. And, given the mag's visual treatment of that art, as if seen through the helmet made famous by protagonist Isaac, that can really only mean Dead Space 2.


We know it's coming and we think it might have multiplayer. What we don't know is just about everything else, including whether OPM UK will give us our first peek or if Spike TV's VGA awards will beat the mag to the punch.

Unannounced Horror Sequel Teased In OPM Is Dead Space 2 [GOONL!NE via N4G]

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You know, for a game titled "Dead Space", there really was a lot of alive shit coming after me trying to dismember me.

Maybe someone should slap the truth in advertising act on them and force them to recall the game. At least title it "Mostly Dead Space" or "Some of the People are Dead Space but the Things That Kill You are Very Much Alive (or at least re-Animated) Space".