Is This Official Chrono Trigger DS Confirmation?

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Earlier, we posted what looked like an announcement that Chrono Trigger DS was coming. But hey, it was a crappy magazine scan, and we weren't sure. This new countdown clock (synced up to actual Japan time) on the official Square Enix site makes us way more sure - surer, even. The design is kinda like the original Chrono Trigger starting screen, and there's that ticking sound. And not to mention the url:


"ctds"? Chrono Trigger DS. Hrm, hrm.

Countdown Site [Square Enix Thanks all who sent this in!]

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Tim Rogers

yeah, upon investigating for five seconds and asking two Big Japanese Videogame Industry Contacts, I have come to the conclusion that:

Yes, this is a Nintendo DS remake of Chrono Trigger, with "extra events" and the hand-drawn animated endings from the PSOne re-release included. It will have "minimal to no stylus support". It is very real. And coming at the end of this year. (In Japan.)

Nothing more or less complicated than that.

At any rate, . . . yay?

As a person who believes Chrono Trigger is the yet-unequaled masterpiece of the Japanese RPG genre (read my review here!), I guess it's kind of sad to say that I might not buy this one, even though I did buy the Dragon Quest IV remake, and I will buy the Dragon Quest V remake (which is next week, I think). Even though I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy IV, I somehow managed to avoid buying the luxurious DS remake of it.

Us immortals are fickle, sometimes.

Ahh, what the hell am I saying? CTDS will be a DOP ("day-one purchase"). Man, why the hell not?

@thejakeman: visit my site!: hah!