Is This Infamous 2's Cole? Sure Looks Like It [Update]

Cole MacGrath, hero of Infamous and bike messenger, wasn't the best-looking game character in the world. His redesign for the sequel was even worse, though, so it's good to see developers Sucker Punch reverting to something a little more familiar.


While we already knew this about-face had been made by the team, a developer diary posted on the PlayStation seems to show us our first look at the new/old Cole, looking far more like his old self (and a Mr. David "Golden Balls" Beckham") than the awful glo-stick waving design we saw earlier in the year.

Nothing else about the game has changed. It's still a PS3 exclusive, it's still set in New Orleans New Marais, and it's still due out in 2011.

UPDATE - Both Sony and the film crew responsible say that this shot is concept art for the first game's Cole, not the redesign for the sequel. Bummer.


[via VG247]

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