Infamous 2's New Look Makes an About Face

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Remember when Cole McGrath debuted his new look on the Game Informer's cover? Never mind! Designers heard the chorus of mehs - many comparing McGrath to Starkiller from Star Wars: STFU - and are going back to the drawing board.


At a San Diego Comic-Con panel, the Infamous 2 studio, Sucker Punch, acknowledged fans' antipathy for McGrath's sleek, utilitarian style and will remake him more in the way he looked in the first Infamous last year.

Sucker Punch provided no images of the new (or old) Cole but it's interesting to note that the studio told Game Informer that the old-new look was changing because Cole was moving to a new-new setting and fans also had a meh reaction to his old-old look. And now my brain hurts.

Sucker Punch Scraps Infamous 2's Cole MacGrath [Game Informer]



LAME. Really sucker-punch? Way to flip-flop and try to not change your characters at all.

First Cole sucked, I was at least excited to see what the new one brought to the table. If it's just back to Infamous 1's Cole though then nothankyou.jpg

I'll still give it a shot cuz gameplay's what counts but godDAMN your wishy-washiness on something as simple as a character design change when some people cried about it speaks volumes about what you might do to the game, as far as I'm concerned.

You disappoint me, Sucker Punch. New Cole better be available as a skin or something. First Cole was one of the worst emotionless train-wrecks of a character in recent memory.