PineappleVille | The fridge at Kotaku headquarters has been taken over by a promotional pineapple sent by Zynga. You can only eat it if you tell ten friends about it first. (Photo by Tina Amini)

Six out of Six Binary Domain Reviewers Agree: Shooting Robots Just Makes You Feel Good

You know, if Sega had simply marketed Binary Domain with the slogan, "Shoot some robots", I probably wouldn't have been so down on it all these months. More »


Competitive Gamer's Inflammatory Comments Spark Sexual Harassment Debate

Competitive fighting gamer Aris Bakhtanians has prompted some ire with inflammatory comments he made during a recent episode of Capcom's "Cross Assault." "Cross Assault" is a promotional competitive web-TV series that pits a team of Tekken players against a team of Street Fighter players. More »


Disneyland Is Much More Fun When You're Pretending To Be Professor Layton

Wired Game|Life editor (and my former boss) Chris Kohler published an excellent story today about his exploits in Disneyland last weekend. He wasn't there just to float down log flume rivers or hang out with Mickey Mouse; More »


Peer Into the Foggy, Flowing Animation of the Gotham by Gaslight That Never Was

Day 1 Studios is fresh off of robot combat fans all excited with the teaser campaign for Reign of Thunder. But, all comics aficionados have gotten for news of the outfit's scuttled Batman game have been tantalizing glimpes of what might've been. More »


Mario Party 9 Sure Could Inspire Some Great Drinking Games

"Are we there yet?"
So you're on a road trip with three friends, and things have gotten combative. You were thinking it'd just be you and your pal Waluigi, two buds taking some time on the road to catch up, but no; More »


Why A Video Game Blockbuster Will Finally Allow You To Be A Gay Man

In the video game adventures of Commander Shepard, being a gay man was neither a matter of biology nor choice.
It was a matter of programming. And the programming of Shepard's first video game, 2007's Mass Effect, made being gay impossible.
And then things changed. More »


It Takes Two Fingers to Save This Frog from His Own Bad Eating Habits

Hey, remember the iPhone's multi-touch screen? Not many game developers seem to, limiting applications to allowing players to touch two virtual on-screen buttons at once. More »


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