Peer Into the Foggy, Flowing Animation of the Gotham by Gaslight That Never Was

Day 1 Studios is fresh off of getting robot combat fans all excited with the teaser campaign for Reign of Thunder. But, all comics aficionados have gotten for news of the outfit's scuttled Batman game have been tantalizing glimpes of what might've been.


The biggest look, via SiliconEra, yet comes from this test animation supplied by an unnamed source from Gotham by Gaslight's development. The animation on the cape is simply stunning. The body language changes dramatically as the Dark Knight goes from stealth to action but some retains the old-time adventurer feel that the original graphic novel set up so well.

And, for once, the fog in the environment isn't a cheat for what a system can or can't do. Yes, Superman 64, we're talking about you again. There's no gameplay to see but GbG would've reportedly given some kind of Victorian-era night vision viewing mode. Any hopes of seeing this game ever come to fruition are probably as dead as a Joker victim but here's hoping continued interest convinces Warner Bros.' games execs to think about bringing another Batman Elseworlds project to PC and consoles.

Gotham By Gaslight Video Shows Canceled Elseworlds Batman Game



Here is the video if anyone is having problems with the video player above. By the way Dat Cape.