Is That a 360 Devkit on Kojima's Desk?

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Alert reader Jonny L. was watching the bonus features disc that came with Metal Gear Solid 4, thought he spied something funny, backed up a few frames, and grabbed the above: Why, that looks like an Xbox 360 devkit on someone's desk at Kojima Productions!


Now what on Earth would he need that for? Kojima Productions has produced all of about zero titles for the 360; he's flatly said MGS4 isn't meant for that platform, and MGS4 openly disparages (spoiler, kinda) the HD-DVD format in a codec call.


Maybe he was just using it for "research." That's the excuse I give when the credit card company asks me to validate certain, uh, Interwebs purchases.

Jonny says the above frame came from the segment "Hideo Kojima's Gene" in the bonus features disc, for those who have it and want to watch. The large size version, without graffiti, is after the jump, if you want to get down and sleuth this and argue the details of the frame.

Illustration for article titled Is That a 360 Devkit on Kojimas Desk?

Kojima Makes Fun of Xbox 360's DVD Format in MGS4 [Scrawl]

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@npa191: Man, what does the ability to install have to do with anything? I'd rather take 10 seconds to change disks than waith 3 minutes for an install. Besides most games that are on 360 and PS3 have manditory installs on the PS3 version, but none on the 360 and some of those games even look nicer and run smoother on the 360.(and to avoid the fan boy chaos, the vice versa is also true about many multi-plat games, just trying to prove a point.)