The gentleman who created this Flash adaptation of last week's civilian divebomb attack on an IRS building says he enjoys "making stupid games in 24 hours or less." Mission accomplished.

This is "Tax Time!" based on Joe Stack, who on Thursday crashed his civilian airplane into a government building in Austin, Texas, housing the Internal Revenue Service. The attack killed Stark and a 67-year-old employee and injured 13 people, two of them critically. A long but, it should be noted, not rambling suicide note blamed the agency for making him do it.


There are three achievements worth 30 Gamerscore. See if you can pick them all up. Protip: When you pick up the gas can, you're not using it to fuel up the plane, which I spent a good three minutes trying to figure out at first.

IRS Pilot Inspires 8-bit Game [Game Politics]

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