iPhone Madden to Arrive by Opening Day

Well, well. Now we know why Gameloft was in such a hurry to get NFL 2010 for the iPhone out the door this month. EA Mobile says Madden NFL 10 will release to the iTunes store by opening day.

Although the news release says only "September 2009," (October '09 in the rest of the world), an accompanying email to Kotaku said the game would be available "in time for opening day on the App Store." That is Thursday, Sept. 10. No price was suggested in the news release.


EA let slip Madden - as well as FIFA - was in the works for the iPhone back in July, so this is not a total surprise. Today's announcement, however, certifies that Madden, at least, will be an actual football game, and not the adjunctive iPhone app for the management of your console season - a product already announced.

From these screenshots, the control mechanic looks similar to that of NFL 2010 - virtual analog stick, and specialty buttons aligned to whatever player (or side of the ball) you're manipulating. In a news release, Madden 10 on the iPhone also promises a season mode, the same as NFL 2010.


On top of that, the same release also promises adjustable game-speed, hot-route audibles, full roster management that includes trades and free agents, and authentic stadium settings. These are all features not in NFL 2010. The voices of John Madden and console announcers Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth also will call your action.

Here are two more screens, of Packers Vikings QB Brett Favre, and Pittsburgh running back Willie Parker.


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