Introducing Two New Kotaku Subsites, For Admirers Of Cool Stuff

I've got two new Kotaku offshoots to tell you about today, two new subsites for people who enjoy to look at the spectacular.

First, take a look at, a new cosplay-centric blog helmed by tireless Kotaku staffer Luke Plunkett. Luke has somehow found time to spin off his weekly "fancy pants" cosplay round-ups into a daily slew of posts highlighting the best efforts by men and women who cosplay as all sorts of characters from video games and the rest of geeky popular culture.


The best of will be cross-posted to Kotaku. For more on what Luke is going for and how you can submit your own favorite cosplay, read Luke's intro post.

We have also launched an experiment in the form of, a site entirely composed of the coolest imagery related to video games, be it new fan art, arresting trailers, awesome toys and more. This new site is being run by John Struan, who has been running the terrific all-cool-visuals blog Super Punch for quite some time.

We will be cross-posting the best of John's efforts on Kotaku, but bookmark for the full offering. John's got a great eye, and I would like to welcome him publicly to our team.


These new subsites can be accessed from the dropdown menu on Kotaku's front page. That menu will also continue to list a few other planets in the Kotaku solar system:, an index of all of the video posts that we run and an excellent diversion to keep you entertained during lunch;, a variation on our main site that boils everything away except for our best original stories, and a site controlled by you, the Kotaku readers.


I hope you take a look at the new sites and like what you see. Clearly this wave of new launches caters to people who want interesting things to look at. For those of you who are fans of words, don't worry! We've got some initiatives under way to beef up the written offerings from Kotaku as well. More on that later.

To contact the author of this post, write to or find him on Twitter @stephentotilo. The Metal Gear cosplay up top features cosplayers are SquallWolfheart (The End) & Kieran Kerrigan.

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