Introducing The King Of Fighters XII

Here is the intro trailer for King of Fighters XII, so you can just press start and skip it once the game is finally released.

After watching the intro a few times now, you probably could have just skipped it anyway and not have missed all that much. The seizure-inducing graphics flashing by the screen and the horrible music simply drive home the fact that a fighting game needs to focus on the fighting. An unexciting intro trailer must indicate that they were too busy making a quality fighting game to worry about the bells and whistles, right?
So don't worry about it. Just mash start until the menu comes up when The King of Fighters XII hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer.


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My God. When is SNK going to take the hint? NOBODY LIKES ASH CRIMSON. His flamboyantly gay posing isn't going to sell more copies.

Ah well. This, BlazBlue, and MvC2 means my summer will be quite full of fighter.y goodness.