Initial Team Ratings for MLB 2K10 Revealed

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Game Informer has been posting a running hands-on blog with MLB 2K10 and the game's initial team ratings are revealed within. Boston and the New York Yankees are tied for first at 97 overall.


Here's what we've got right out of the box. Bear in mind these will probably change with a roster update on or very soon after the game releases March 2. Which is good because Chien-Ming Wang signed with the Nats today and I'm thinking they just dealt for the pennant.

Boston Red Sox 97
New York Yankees 97
Philadelphia Phillies 91
Los Angeles Angels 91
Los Angeles Dodgers 90
Texas Rangers 90
St. Louis Cardinals 90
Tampa Bay Rays 89
Minnesota Twins 89
San Francisco Giants 87
Colorado Rockies 87
Milwaukee Brewers 86
Chicago Cubs 86
Atlanta Braves 85
Arizona Diamondbacks 84
Chicago White Sox 84
Baltimore Orioles 83
Seattle Mariners 81
New York Mets 79
Kansas City Royals 77
Oakland Athletics 77
Florida Marlins 76
Washington Nationals 75
Cincinnati Reds 75
Detroit Tigers 75
Houston Astros 75
Toronto Blue Jays 74
Cleveland Indians 73
Pittsburgh Pirates 73
San Diego Padres 72

When I ran these by a pal in Boston (a non-gamer) his first reaction was "That game must be pitching heavy." That's a reasonably perceptive remark and based on my time with it, he may have the explanation. Boston's hitting lineup doesn't look as good as the Yankees, nor would I say it beats the Phillies. They picked up Adrian Beltre in the offseason but he spent most of 2009 hurt and he hasn't sniffed a prestige number in any hitting category since a bust-out year in 2004 to get him a huge contract in Seattle. Mike Cameron is no Jason Bay, who departed for the Mets. Ortiz faces questions after last year. Also, Marco Scutaro.

But again, this doesn't count for much right now. Game Informer notes Kansas City's 77 and wonders if it's the team's highest rating since the days of Kevin Seitzer, Mark Gubicza and Bo Jackson. I'm not even sure what game in the 1980s we'd use for comparison. Did RBI Baseball supply team rankings? I can't remember.

A Live Journal of MLB 2K10 [Game Informer]



As normal....My cubs are given a horrible rating...

(Expecting to be flamed for saying it.)