The PlayStation 3 free-roaming superhero game inFamous has been pushed up a month to May, with some impressive pre-order bonuses in store for those willing to put their money down.

Originally scheduled for a release sometime in the month of June, developer Sucker Punch has apparently been working so hard on the game that Sony has pushed the release date up to May 26th. Not content to deliver just a little good news, Sony has also revealed the pre-order bonus items for inFamous. Dropping a deposit at select retailers will give players a chance to get a Gigawatt Blades power; a Reaper gang member costume for PlayStation Home; or early access to the inFamous demo on May 7th, two weeks before it goes live on the 21st.

Looks like Sony has a huge amount of faith in Sucker Punch's latest. Here's hoping it's well-placed.

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