Illustration for article titled emInfamous 2/em Waits a Whole Two Weeks Before Hitting PSN

Two weeks after its release, Infamous 2 is already available as a full download over PlayStation Network, in what seems like a big ol' middle-fanger to retail.


Seriously, a whole two weeks? That's nice for impulse buyers, although, as a 15 GB download, I bet you could drive to the store, buy it, bring it home and do the disc installation in less time.

Microsoft has rolled out first-party exclusive to Xbox Live Games on Demand, of course, but the wait has usually been a bit longer than this. A few months at least. This isn't the first time Sony's done something like this; Warhawk comes to mind.


I am talking totally out of my ass, but maybe this went to PSN so quickly because Sony wants to restore normalcy to its sales in light of the monthlong PlayStation Store outage, which ended at the beginning of the month. It also helps that Infamous was one of the welcome-back freebies, so, if people enjoyed that, some may consider buying its sequel.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a 60 minute free trial forInfamous 2. After that, it's full price, $59.99.

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