Indie Game Devs Move Studio To Tropical Island For Three Months

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Broforce developer Free Lives Games have stolen away to a tropical island refuge along with other developers for three months. The entire experience is being documented in a series called Game Jam Island.


The team has moved out to a house on Mauritius, splitting their time between hunching over at their work stations and spreading out in the beach. The first episode of the documentary focused on their arrival.

The team had some hilariously candid answers when asked why they were moving out to the island getaway. Free Lives programmer Richard Pieterse joked that the team was in Mauritius “because we’re not good at making life choices.”


Broforce made, like, a crap ton of money,” Free Lives artist Filip Orekhov teased. “And we’re trying to find ways to spend it.”

While it might sound like pure fun in the sun, everyone on the island is hard at work on a variety of projects from updated student works to upcoming titles. It’s an interesting experiment and time will tell if the developers can properly balance their workloads and deadlines with late night swims and rum socials.

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Glad their hard work paid off.

I loved BroForce.