Poorly-explained, vague robot love at that. The best kind.

What we have here is Heart&Slash, a retro-ish 3D beat 'em up with roguelike elements. The developer wanted to combine the fast-paced combat of brawlers like Bayonetta with the huge number of customization options seen in roguelike RPGs—basically, you're a robot, and as you beat up other robots, you get lotsa robot parts and weapons to have fun with. Observe:

Story-wise, Heart&Slash is about finding love and fighting against oppression and conformity in a dystopian, machine-dominated sci-fi world. Or something along those lines. Really, it's a bit murky at this point. An interesting idea, nevertheless, on top of an already good-looking brawler.

Look for Heart&Slash to arrive on PC in December.

New Trailer and Release Date [Heart&Slash@IndieDB]

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