Incredible Wooden Statues Of Dragon Ball, Gundam, Attack On Titan, And More

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Screenshot: Woodart Vietnam/YouTube
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Wood carvings are one of Vietnam’s traditional handicrafts, but instead of religious-themed works, DWoodart Studio specializes in stunning sculptures of popular anime, manga, and video game characters.


The artists first place (or sometimes draw) an illustration on a block of wood and use a chainsaw to cut away large slices. Then the sculpture is painstakingly brought to life with chisels. These works can take weeks or even months. For example, the last sculpture featured below, which depicts the Korean MMORPG Gran Saga, took six months!

Artist Duy Tran does many of the pop culture works at the studio but is also joined by the studio’s other talented artists.

Kotaku first featured this wonderful art back in 2019. Since then, so much more has been made!

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they really refined the technique over the years on the past article I remember thinking some stuff were odd, proportions or the stance, but these ones really capture the artist style, amazing