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From: Owen
Re: iPhone Kindle


Believe it or not, this island has a comedy club. This week I went by and poked around and left a message for the owner about maybe doing some guest sets in the future. He invited me down later to have a look around and get a feel for the crowd. I went there thinking I'd have to power-sanitize all of my material before I ever got behind a mike there.

Not so. The show I saw referenced every race, sexual orientation, bodily fluid and function, and it got howls of laughter. So either the geezers of this particular community had their hearing aids turned off or the experience of parenting drug-addled boomer kids has numbed them to shit that's much worse than what I talk about.

There was one interesting exchange during the evening. The comedian (I won't name him) had been picking on this couple in the front row the entire hour, and they clearly could have done without the attention. He kept calling back to them during his bits about marriage and sex. Finally he asked the man what he did. "I'm retired," was the reply. Of course, the comic said, but what did you do? "Well," said the man, "for about 20 years I was a senior executive with Columbia Records up in New York City." Translation: We were still putting people on cassette tapes when I retired, son, but I can still buy and sell your ass.

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