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To: Ash
From: Crecente

So I was sitting in a double session of Tristan's guitar class yesterday, bored with the games on my iPhone when I decided to check out the eBook Kindle App I had downloaded.

A quick search and one-click purchase later I was reading World War Z, all without ever having to get up from my chair. Pretty damn cool. I know there are plenty of free eBook readers out there, but when you can let my buy a book on a whim with little to no hassle, you've got my money.

Only problem now is that I'm reading four books, and I just picked up two more for my trip to GDC on Monday. Make it stop!!!


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Aww man, the iPhone gets cooler every day. Why must I be cursed with these manly, muscular fingers?

There doesn't happen to be a keyboard attachment for the iPhone?