In Japan, Sony's Nasne PlayStation Hub Is Returning

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Screenshot: Buffalo
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Remember Nasne? The Japan-only DVR was released back in 2012 primarily for the PlayStation 3 and the Vita. Later, it got an update for the PS4 but was finally phased out last year.


Now, Famitsu reports that Nasne is coming back and will once again go on sale in Japan in 2021. However, this time it’s not a Sony-branded product, but coming from electronics maker Buffalo with Sony’s cooperation. (The unit itself is now labeled “Buffalo”.)

The DVR can still connect with PS4s, smartphones, and tablets. It will even feature Torne TV app, the software that appeared on the original Nasne.

In case you missed it, check out Kotaku’s Nasne unboxing from when it first went on sale.

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DVR huh? Never had one, hell I haven’t had a traditional cable box since I was in college 15 years ago. And it was my roommate’s idea that he paid for and exclusively used for sports programming.

I like that it still looks a bit like a Ps3.