In Debt Halo Cosplayer Takes His Armor to Pawn Stars

How much would you say a used suit of MJOLNIR assault armor, from Halo, is worth? This guy thinks about $2,000. The History Channel's Pawn Stars thinks it's a bit less.

Maybe if it was actual functioning armor could Chumlee here come up to that kind of asking price, which the guy already figured was reasonable considering he really wanted $5,000 for it. But even though the shop is on the look out for video game collectibles, a hobby piece like this one doesn't have much chance of flipping, certainly not for $2,000.


B-but ... chicks dig it! Says the seller. A-and he knows of another suit that sold for $15,000! To see just how bad they dump all over his dreams, check out the link. The segment begins at the 3 minute mark and does not take long to watch.

Pawn Stars: Off the Wall [The History Channel, via GameInformer]

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