Bionic Commando's cheeky YouTube ads were pretty alright; the game, eh, it had problems. But Capcom's right back at it with this pitch, giving your pre-order of Dark Void from GameStop all the fulfillment of visiting a pawn shop.

And just like Cash4Gold, you get nothing for something with this offer, too! Well, not really. Something about unlimited boosts. And you can ... wait for it ... do a barrel roll! and other moves with impunity. Plus, you won't cry yourself to sleep anymore!


You know what would be great? If used game sales worked like this. Just put Bionic Commando in this insured (why?) pouch and - get even less on your trade-in!

Are ya wondering if exists? Yeppers. Not much, but there's a page.


GOLD4JETPACK [site, thanks Alberto]

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