In 2011, Your Mecha Better Be Ready For Battle

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This year, Armored Core 5 will be released in Japan. And if you like mechas, you'll be all over this game.


More details about the game, which was first revealed last year, are in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

As previously posted, the game's concept is "mayhem" mechanical action. The game will feature new weapons, more robust and dramatic mission stories and stages that are more detailed and complex than the previous titles. Things seem to have changed somewhat.

There are still new weapons and mechas. However, the game has since been reborned with a stronger focus on online play. The objective is territorial conquest, with players forming teams with other players and then duking it out online. Getting online is simplified because this AC title does not have a separate online mode per se, allowing players to seamlessly fight it out online.

Teams will be made up of five players, with four players in combat operating the mechas and one player stays back as the captain of sorts, giving the other players direction. It is possible to create a team of one, but this is recommended only for really, really good players.

The game is apparently heavy on content and even has a "My Garage" system that allows players to upgrade and customize their mechas.


Last year, it was revealed that AC5 will feature smaller mecha as well — instead of being 10 meters, the AC mecha's scale is 5 meters in this upcoming installment.

This new focus on online really makes AC5 feel like the spiritual sequel to 2006 Xbox 360 exclusive Chromehounds.


New Armored Core 5 details, did someone say ChromeHounds 2? [Gaming Reloaded Thanks, William!]


AC5 is also coming to the west this year, courtesy of Namco-Bandai.