Improv Act Seeks "Wiimbledon" Champ

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"Wiimbledon Champion" looks great on a resume, especially if whomever's reading it thinks it's just a typo. An improv troupe is putting the title up for grabs in a tournament next month in Seattle.


Organizers for Wiimbledon, to be held April 11, are looking to fill a field of 32 doubles teams playing Wii tennis. In addition to being reasonably competent at Wii sports, they're also looking for fun folks who can play well with improv actors, as there will be a ton on hand - meddlesome officials, snarky commentators, klutzy ball kids, unscrupulous opponents and heckling fans. Performers will appear live on a big screen before the rest of the audience, complete with player biographies and other stats.

Those around Seattle (the event is being held at the 911 Media Center), or so hellbent on proving their Wii sports prowess they'd fly there for this, must pay a $20 registration fee and answer a questionnaire, just so they can be sure the players don't lack all sense of humor or won't have a good time. Those who just want to see a zany Wii tournament can pay $8 to watch, and of course, beer and alcohol will be served.

Doubles teams will have to use Wiimotes provided by the tournament, and must create tournament Miis onsite. And the Wiimote strap is required. No code violations for controller abuse here, folks.

Wiimbledon [Official site]


OmnomnomPancake against a Star priorety.

"beer and alchohol will be served"

Wait, what?