Impromptu Asteroids Championship Pops Up at CES

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Time to test your Asteroids skills!

Ion Audio, makers of the iCade stand that turns your iPad into a diminutive arcade cabinet complete with buttons and a joystick, is hosting a little impromptu Asteroids tournament at the Consumer Electronics Show this weekend.


The person with the highest score come Sunday at 4 p.m. wins one of the $100 iPad cabinets when they release it later this year.


Stop by the Ion booth (#12638 in the central hall) and ask for Fred. He'll get you set up.

If we can swing it, we'll even publish a shot of the winner and his or her high score once it's announced this weekend.

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Too awesome! I haven't played that game since my days of the 2600. Back then, life was simple. My joystick would make me disappear and reappear in front of a moving asteroid when I moved it a certain way. I had no clue why that was even in the game, but we liked it, damn it!