iCade Makes Your iPad Feel Like A Real Arcade Machine

What began life as an April Fool's Day joke is now a real product at CES 2011. This is Ion Audio and Think Geek's iCade, the mini arcade cabinet for your iPad.


The iCade was on display and working at CES, playing a pretty good Asteroids, one of the games that currently supports the SDK. The iCade uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad and runs on batteries — so no charging of that iPad sadly.

iCade will set iPad owners back $99 USD when it ships this year. Fred will tell you more about it in the video above.


Why are "arcade" controls at such a high price point these days? I've been building arcade controllers for years and my cost (even though I pay RETAIL for parts) is no where near that high for such a simple controller.

It's like the manufacturers don't want to make a modest profit but rather a rildiculous profit on each controller.

That being said, in this case it's probably the bluetooth. Bluetooth = add 30 bucks.