I'm Sorry I Have to Do This to You

Click to viewWarning, this is supremely obnoxious and you should turn your speakers down.

Dad sometimes asks me for explanation of certain video games, and since his frame of reference stops at 8 bits, and todays titles are far deeper than anything I played as his dependent, the conversation gets a little difficult at times.

But If he ever asks me what Team Fortress 2 is all about, I'm gonna point him to this video.

This is shot through with Kodak moments:

• "I own Titanic on VHS. All four fucking tapes."

• The bitching about Titanic at the beginning. "All the hype around it just drove me away." He says it so sincerely. Like it totally would have been his kind of movie otherwise.

• "I'm in key, fuck you buddy."

• The rocket fire accompaniment to the chorus. I'm just imagining Celine Dion in the studio, belting this out, while the footage rolls. Yes, this is the kind of emotional climax that deserves her French Canadian ministrations.

• The death montage at 3:29. Right on time.

• The singing gets so intense I swear it causes server lag.

If you can make it through sudden death, you probably don't have any eardrums right now.

TF2 Karaoke: My Heart Will Go On[StumbleUpon Video]



I'm surprised no one has submitted pictures from Dallas's A-kon last week with all the 'Team Orange Box' cosplayers.

I scored quite a few pictures, and they won some prizes in the cosplay contest. The heavy with the moving chaingun was epic.