I'm Already Sick Of This Street Fighter V Stage

Top-tier Street Fighter rivals Daigo and GamerBee face-off in a Street Fighter V exhibition match during the Taipei Game Show, and I couldn't be more bored. New background, please.


We saw it during the teaser. We saw it in the reveal trailer. We saw it in the first exhibition match during the Capcom Cup finals last year. All Capcom is ready to show of the next generation of Street Fighter is Chun-Li and Ryu fighting in this restaurant/street level. I'm fine waiting until there's a little more to show before seeing more.

I'm sure Bruce "GamerBee" Hsiang feels the same way. The 13th ranked player in the world (according to Shoryuken) already has a spotty record against rank 3 Daigo Umehara, and he was forced to play Chun-Li against The Beast's Ryu comfort zone, since Adon isn't in the game yet.

Heck, who knows if Adon will even make it in? We sure don't, because we've got Chun-Li and Ryu and unseen Charlie and that's it. Come on, Capcom. Give us something else. Anything else. I'd take an updated practice grid at this point.


Nightshift Nurse

Capcom's fighting game division has been operating on a shoestring for quite some time now. To the extent that we're lucky Ultra Street Fighter 4 happened at all, and certainly that it was so feature rich. (Though it was also likely the reason why Ono's choice for the 5th roster addition involved a character who could utilize an existing character model.)

This may be the most we see of Street Fighter 5 for a while yet, even with Sony underwriting the development. Which, again, is very possibly the only reason part 5 is even happening. Street Fighter could very well have gone into another decade long hiatus with nothing more to show for it than a couple of eighth-gen Ultra 4 ports.

So…you know…patience.