If you were worried that the announcement of Total War: Warhammer (why not Total Warhammer?) is coming at the expense of proper Total War games, Creative Assembly has told PC Gamer the Warhammer title is being developed by a “completely separate team. The historic thread goes on uninterrupted.” Phew.


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Considering that the total war games are getting... Same-y (sequels and spinoffs) I’m actually more interested in games that introduce more crazy stuff like mages into the total war formula.

I’ve logged around a thousand hours into the total war games combined and seeing atilla come out my reaction was “looks like they just reskinned Rome 2 now that they’ve worked out most of the problems [with emperor edition]”

Skipping atilla but as soon as I found out CA got warhammer I’ve been anticipating this game.

Just please give me cool asymmetrically balanced factions and I’ll be estatic