This is the second time in two days I've seen a trailer for a game that's about building a castle by hand then trying to knock someone else's castle down. It's a...weirdly niche kind of genre, when you think about it, but if this is the latest thing people are rushing to try their hands at, then awesome.

Over the past few years, we've had way too many zombie and survival games. The zombie games got old because few ever managed to really nail the appeal of zombies (it's the apocalypse, not the zombies themselves), and survival games (a few pretty examples excepted) are about as fun as locking yourself in a room and starving to death.

I can understand the rush: everyone wants a piece of the pies that Minecraft and DayZ have been feasting on for years. But it's boring, and if developers are all going to go and make the same kind of game, it may as well be something as focused and dumb (in a fun way) as this.

This game's called Medieval Engineers, and appears to sit alongside Reign of Kings quite nicely. Where RoK seems more about the massed combat, ME appears to take the construction of its castles a lot more seriously, with prettier (and more elaborate) visuals and more flexibility.


Between them they might have the spectrum covered, whether you want to build and fight, but do one better than the other. Maybe there's room for more games like this that do both, maybe there's not, but I'm hoping that with two of these popping up in two days a few more studios at least give it a shot.

Medieval Engineers is up on Steam Greenlight.