If The Walking Dead Had A Christmas Special

More shows need Christmas specials. The UK The Office and more recently, Downton Abbey both had some pretty outstanding specials; surely The Walking Dead could use one?


This video from Jawiin imagines just such a scenario. The jokes are hit or miss, but the impersonations are all pretty great. "I'VE GOT THE HAM."

Are you with me that this most recent half-season of TWD was the strongest the show has been? Or do you think it's been good all along? What other shows deserve weird Christmas specials? I'd watch a Breaking Bad Christmas special.


Chat about that or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. See you tomorrow.

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Unfortunately, I'm only able to watch The Walking Dead as it goes up on Netflix, so I haven't seen any of season 3. I feel like the jokes in this must have been heavily based on this season.