If Sega Won't Make A New Monkey Ball, These Guys Will

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Image: Rolled Out!

Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi is busy doing Yakuza stuff right now, and in his absence Sega has spent the last decade neglecting the series. Not to worry! Rolled Out is here, looking exactly like Monkey Ball only for the fact that there’s a rodent in there.


Let me be clear: this is not a problem. Like I’ve said with Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, another game that’s practically a Dreamcast remake in all-but-name, it rules that developers are able to both express their loves for the classics of old, while also delivering on something that a lot of people want and aren’t getting from the original sources.

Anyway! Rolled Out is now out in Early Access on Steam, and it looks great, with all the same vibes and aesthetic as Monkey Ball. Guess now is the time to find out whether it also has the same nightmarish course design...

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i backed this on indiegogo and was really looking forward to getting my key all month.

i gotta be honest and say the level design isn’t great. it ranges from too tight and unforgiving, to just huge blocky levels, and with few levels striking a good balance. many levels in the practice mode seem incomplete, but it’s early access so i’ll leave it at that for now.

the good news is the controls feel excellent! and there is custom level workshops right out of the gate too, so i think it’s a solid foundation. personally i’m happy to have tried it, but will let them keep working it for a while now before i go back in.