If Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' Was Actually About Video Games. And Was Hip-Hop.

Back when I first heard all this buzz about this singer Lana Del Rey and her song "Video Games, I wondered if it was actually about video games. Turns out, nope! It isn't really about video games.


Talking to Kill Screen, Del Rey described the song's inspiration thusly:

I would consider it a hopeful song. It was a time in my life when I really enjoyed the simple things in life, like watching my boyfriend play videogames and just hanging out together. It was a time when I let go of my ambitions for musical success and just started focusing on the people around me—and him. And that was just what he liked to do. The game that I would always watch him play was World of Warcraft. He was always yelling at the other players.

Okay, that's a neat enough reason to write a song, but how cool would it be if "Video Games" had actually been about… well… video games? Rapper-type-guy Alex Hanly wondered the same thing, and put together this charming, funny (and surprisingly heartfelt) track that samples Del Rey's tune while turning it into something a bit more literally in line with its title.

We've featured Alex's work before, and this video makes just as much of an earnest, charming impression (while containing admittedly dorky material) as the first one. Well done, sir.


Pvt. Jackass

Yeah, what the fuck was that song about anyway?

Also that song had no energy at all.