Ice-T Says He's Gonna Be in Gears of War 3

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You may recall last April, Ice-T and Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski discussed casting opportunities for Gears of War 3, before that game was even announced. Last night, Ice let slip that he has a speaking part, but quickly retracted it.

Giant Bomb noticed Ice's comments during his regular live Ustream broadcast. After saying he was in the game, the rapper/TV star quickly said, "I didn't just say that."


Rewind to April 2009. Jace Hall bragged to Ice T that Bleszinski put him (and id Software's John Carmack) in Gears of War 2, to which Ice called bullshit and demanded that Hall dial up Bleszinski. Bleszinski said that was purely coincidence, then the two started talking possibilities for Gears 3:

Ice-T: I would really love to be in it. It would be a little more starpower. Put Ice-T on the box, that's a million sales right there.

Bleszinski: If there is a Gears 3, which you never know, I have a feeling there will be a part for you.

Ice-T: I would love to do that man, we need to talk.

I just tweeted both gentlemen to mention the rumor and ask if they had any comment. We'll see if they confirm, deny or tell me to eat a hot bowl of dicks.

Ice-T Doing a Voice in Gears of War 3? [Giant Bomb via Ripten]

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I love Ice just because of this.