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Ice T Plays Call of Duty, Loses Shit, Demands Snapple, Rings Cliffy B

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

All in a day's work for the CSI Law & Order: SVU star. As Jace Hall admires Coco's plastic attributes, Ice gets killed by friendly fire, beckons for a soft drink, and then discusses casting decisions with Cliff Bleszinski.

Giz put this up yesterday, alongside a video of Ice destroying a six-year-old MacBook. It was uploaded back in April. I'm pointing this out because I hope, since then, Cliffy B has changed his number. Because it's in this video for all the world to see.

Don't try to comprehend this, just take it all in and react. It's good to see, however, that the rich are not so different from you or I. They cuss during FPS multiplayer too. And actually, I have a better headset.

Ice-T Demolishes PowerBook, Hates Noobs, Loves His Wife (And So Do we...) [Gizmodo, thanks Insidious Tuna]