Ice In Their Veins

To: Luke
From: Owen

I had some real mixed emotions watching the Winter Olympics this weekend. Of course, the death of the Georgian slider on Friday is a tragedy that shatters a lot of enjoyment of a very exciting sport. And I was outraged at the manner in which competition authorities blamed it all on pilot error, which seemed rushed and designed to deflect blame.

Because when you look at what these guys do, these might be sporting events requiring more bravery than any other in the world. Luge is just an unbelievably alien concept to my mind - being supine at 80 mph. But then look at alpine skiing. Consider ski jumping, sitting on that bar, looking down that ramp, knowing how far you are going to fly with no way to stop until you land.

How you even acquire that kind of fearlessness, and practice for these things without killing yourself, I'll never know.


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Worst 2 things about that accident:

1 - It was a trial run, just to get a feel for the track.

2 - The media insisted on showing the video where he actually expired. It wasn't good enough to tell us all about it; They HAD to show it.