ICBM Wants You To Blow Up The Planet With Nukes

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Screenshot: ICBM

Defcon, released in 2006, was an excellent exercise in mutually assured destruction. The upcoming ICBM is looking to be a more modern take on the same subject matter.


Published by strategy specialists Slitherine, it’s coming to PC...sometime in the future, and while a serious game about the destruction of civilization does not sound like something particularly fun given 2020 is already so depressing on its own, it will ship with complete mod support, so maybe somebody could do something there to lighten the mood a little.

UPDATE: I originally said Defcon was “ligth-hearted”, which it definitely is not, looks like I got my nuke games mixed up, sorry!

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I’m not sure how this is less “light-hearted” than DEFCON. It looks very similar, gameplay wise, and some bits even more cartoony than DEFCON was.

DEFCON was very unsettling for me. It’s abstraction, and sound design actually make what you’re doing way more unnerving, than most games I’ve played.