I Wish This Lady Dimitrescu Action Figure Was Real

Capcom, if you want to make a lot of money, watch this fake ‘90s action figure ad about Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrecsu. Then make this thing a reality.


This fake ad was created by Kevin Cappiello, a senior video editor at IGN, and shared on their Twitter account where it was retweeted over 3k times. That’s not surprising. Folks love them some Lady Dimitrescu.

You can watch the video on Cappiello’s YouTube channel too.

I appreciate how it looks and sounds just like those late ‘80s and ‘90 action figure commercials. I remember seeing them when I was a kid watching Power Rangers and countless other terrible shows. Though, like any good internet video, things go in a different direction by the end. No spoilers, but watch out for a certain officer of the law on a four-wheeler.


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Julia Q.

I see this and am reminded that some of the neckbeardier incels like to j.o. on their figures and no I am not making that up.