Lady Dimitrescu vs The Humble Coffee Table

Gif: Resident Evil Village

She’s as big as a truck and can kick your ass if she gets anywhere near you, but Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu’s relentless pursuit can be rendered powerless by a single artefact: table.


As you can see in this video below, because of her walking speed and the way she pathfinds her way through the house chasing after you, if you do the old-timey cartoon, yakety-sax thing and just keep circling around a coffee table and couch, she’ll never get her hands on you.

It’s not a permanent cheat or hack, of course. Eventually you’re going to need to get out of there and leg it to resume the normal state of affairs. But this is extremely funny to me while it lasts, if only because it reminds me of turning the tables in my recent Alien Isolation re-review.

That video above, by Meloo, has some more testing around the edges of the game as well, if you’d like to see other stuff like “can Lady Dimitrescu fit through small doors” and “what if I kill this essential character a lot earlier in the game than I should have?

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It is funny, but it’s also something that Capcom needs to start accounting and designing environments for if they’re going to keep doing these Mr. X/Nemesis style persistent threats, because they can all be broken by the same trivial environmental props and save rooms.

How fucking cool would it have been to assume she’d just circle around that table, only for her to just swat them claws and send all that furniture flying? That would have made her feel like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more of a threat than she ever actually is (though, in Lady D’s case, I suspect they never intended her to be a real threat to begin with).