I Wish Skyrim Had Face Tech Like This Sports Game

Or any kind of game with character creation, for that matter.

At a basic level, this kind of tech has been around for years, most notably with EA's Game Face. But that service makes you take regular photos, upload them on a browser and tweak the settings there.

This new tech that 2K is using for NBA2K15 is a lot simpler to use, and while I'm not sold on the results as seen in this clip, I love not just the ease of use, but the way they've put facial modifiers on the display itself, not just as some abstract sliders.


Also: listen to this first trailer again, and pretend it's Harold Ramis/Egon Spengler. It's the same voice.

And because this facial tech isn't a terribly exciting sell to the common gamer, here's a trailer that explains almost nothing about it, but is about beards, and is very entertaining. So why'd it get made? Because sports game marketing.

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