Some of the hihglights from this week's roundup: a Digimon reunion, vintage Lara Croft, some Attack on Titan and, for those prone to burst into song spontaneously, Frozen.

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Fancy Pants is Kotaku's weekly round-up of the best in video game cosplay (costume play), where fans dress up as their favourite characters.


ORIGINAL DESIGN | Cosplayer: Nuclear Snail | Photographer: Moritz Jendral

PHOENIX WRIGHT | Cosplayer: Elffi


TOMB RAIDER | Cosplayer: Tanya Croft | Photographer: Alex Beyket

THE HOBBIT | Cosplayers: Lucky Strike Cosplay | Photographer: Annet Voronaya


ATTACK ON TITAN | Cosplayer: Elisa Cosplay | Photographer: Mesh Garcia

ASSASSINS CREED 4 | Cosplayer: Leon Chiro | Photographer: Marcella Fava


DIGIMON | Cosplayers: k-iricos, herotenka, jingggg, Astellecia, Mm-Miyoko, aisulove & ashteyz | Photographer: Still Anthony

FROZEN | Cosplayer: Usagi-Tsukino-krv