I Saw This Lady At The Train Station, Got Her Autograph For The Kid

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To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Ich Bin Gamer


Hello! I'm back. Busy weekend, filled with living relatives, dead relatives and drinking. I also spent an afternoon at Takashi Murakami's studio — how's that for awesome?

While at Shin Osaka Station, I lined up to buy some takoyaki at a food stall. In line behind me, I noticed someone, someone I'd seen before. A FAMOUS PERSON. Mai Satoda, who appears on quiz show Hexagon and is the sole member of pop outfit Country Musume, was buying takoyaki, too.


I thought about, you know, just going home. But! I knew that Mini-Bash really likes her and watches her on TV and stuff. All the other famous Japanese people I've interviewed or met really haven't impressed him. Interviewing all of Morning Musume? Having dinner with Sonny Chiba and Kinji Fukusaku? Whatever, dad!

So........ I went up to her.

ME: Are you Mai-chan?
MAI: Yes.
ME: My son watches Hexagon every week. He loves it.
MAI: Oh thanks very much.
ME: I was wondering if I could get your autograph for him.

Fat manager pokes his head in.

MANAGER: She has to get on a bullet train. Is a handshake okay?
ME: Um, it's not for me. It's for my son. He's not here, so...


I handed her a takoyaki flier and got her to personalize the autograph for the kid.

Mini-Bash was thrilled. Over breakfast, I asked him what he would've done if he had been there with me.


"I would've asked her for her email address," he piped up. "So I could email her."
"Even though," Mrs. Bashcraft jumped in, "you yourself don't have an email address?"

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Brian, I'm very curious now... how old is your son? Was he born in Japan? He is fluent in both English and Japanese, or what? Sorry, this is all really interesting, presuming that your wife only speaks Japanese.