"New Low Price, New Exciting PlayStation 3" [Update]

Retailer Kmart's online presence ran an advertisement online earlier today, promoting a "new low price and a new exciting Playstation 3," a promotional image that now seems to have been pulled, but is still accessible online.

The banner even goes far enough to touch on the rumors of an impending PlayStation 3 price drop and PS3 Slim redesign, but offers nothing more visually than the stock hardware photos available elsewhere on That would even mention rumors of a hardware redesign seems unusual. Perhaps someone on the Kmart web team has been following the months-long roller coaster ride of the impending PS3 Slimpocalypse and wants to be ready for an official announcement.


The banner image, while arguably suspicious with its use of "Playstation" instead of "PlayStation" and the fact that it lacks a proper shot of any hardware revision. But is definitely hosting it, with a date of "081809" for use on the retailer's home page.

Other retailers through the Americas and Europe have been putting price drops into effect on PS3 hardware, so it may simply be Kmart's turn to start slashing prices.

We've reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment in the U.S. and Europe, plus the folks at Kmart to get comment. But since we're on Europe time and Sony is busy planning for today's Gamescom press conference, we're expecting a slower than normal response time.

We'll likely know for sure at 10:30 AM Kotaku Time whether all of this Slim talk is real.


Thanks to William for the heads up!

UPDATE - The advertisement is now displayed prominently on Kmart's front page.

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