'I Need A Drink': Seth Rogen Plays The Last of Us

The fine folks at IGN invited writer/actor Seth Rogen and his partner in crime, Evan Goldberg, to play the opening to The Last of Us. It's fun to watch. And yes, Seth Rogen games with inverted controls, because of course he does. (Warning: this video contains spoilers for the first 30 minutes of the game.)


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Kirk Hamilton

The best people all play with inverted thumbsticks. It's the sign of a brilliant mind.

Also, it was funny watching them try to make jokes at the end there. They were a little like, "Um... so, IGN, we're here to be funny? Uh, right?"

Last thought: Seth Rogen appears unaware that it's possible to rotate Sarah in 360 degrees when she's in the back of the car. Such an amazing design trick, totally lost on so many people!